Success Mindset

The Success Mindset Program helps individuals and groups discover why some people seem to succeed at everything they do in life while others swim in their failures. The program focuses on the differences between having a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset, allowing them to unlock their full potential.


One-on-One Consultations
One-on-one consultations involve working with individual clients on Mindset Dynamics, stress management, and goal setting. The focus is looking at happiness and wellbeing from the inside out.


Inspiring Leadership Program
In today's competitive world, it is not enough that you show strong leadership in business. An inspirational leader is all about taking the people around you on a journey. A journey in which you lay the platform for an environment that nutures the development of their full potential.


Facilitating Change
Focusing on the business world. Uncertainty in the workplace has been identified as the main cause of anxiety and stress for employees. Human beings are creatures of habit and the unknown can lead to many mental health problems. As an employee, you must learn to manage the changes around you, and allow for new habits to form. As an employer, you must have a well-planned process in place to deal with the impact on all facets of the business. Having a growth mindset will greatly increase the changes of a seamless transition for your business.


Supercharging your goal setting
For many years, the mantra of Think Positive was used as a way of achieving goals and creates positive change in one's life. The greatest secret in the feel of Mindset Dynamics has been that people's feelings are the most powerful and influential component is creating the life we want. Edward can show you how to supercharge your goal setting with powerful feelings and emotions. If you change the way you feel, you will operate at a different level.

Why your workplace should be mentally healthy.

Medibank Private commissioned research* has found that healthy employees are three times more productive than not-so-healthy employees. These unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than their healthy counterparts.

Beyondblue has gathered statistics that demonstrate that 1 in 5 Australian employees are likely to experience a mental health condition at some point during their working life. Untreated depression results in over 6 million working days lost each year, a huge burden on employers.

From a financial viewpoint, the cost of stress on the Australian economy is up around $10 billion per year, however PWC research** shows that $2.30 is the return on investment for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace.