Turnaround Program

The Turnaround Program involves working with troubled young men through seminars and one-on-one consultations. Edward is very passionate about helping young men navigate their journey into manhood. Made specially for young men in detention centres, the program relies on his own experiences having been a troubled youth himself. The program also clearly outlines the consequences of what can happen when the wrong life choices are made. Edward understands the issues young men must deal with, such as making the right life choices, being disciplined and learning to define themselves, as men. He currently conducts a program called TurnAround at Cobham Juvenile Detention Centre.

Why your workplace should be mentally healthy.

Medibank Private commissioned research* has found that healthy employees are three times more productive than not-so-healthy employees. These unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than their healthy counterparts.

Beyondblue has gathered statistics that demonstrate that 1 in 5 Australian employees are likely to experience a mental health condition at some point during their working life. Untreated depression results in over 6 million working days lost each year, a huge burden on employers.

From a financial viewpoint, the cost of stress on the Australian economy is up around $10 billion per year, however PWC research** shows that $2.30 is the return on investment for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace.